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camp davern camp davern

Welcome to Camp Davern

welcome to camp davern
Welcome to
Camp Davern
welcome to camp davern

Camp Davern is an overnight summer camp for campers ages 7-16, situated on 150 acres of rolling hills and forest near the town of Maberly, Ontario. Our facility supports up to 120 campers each session. Camp Davern is also open in spring and fall for outdoor education opportunities.

We are a non-denominational, co-ed summer camp offering sessions from 1 – 2 weeks in length. We are a community that is committed to diversity, creativity and personal growth. This is achieved through guided instructional picks, partnered with individualized programming electives.

At Davern’s core are the friendships developed at Davern. These connections will resonate with your child far after they’ve left our site. Camp Davern is a remarkable camp where the camper experience is rich with integrity. There is always more to learn or something new to discover at Camp Davern.

Our management team works year-round specifically on the development of programs, staffing and facility improvements to ensure we offer the best possible experience.

Since making the best summer camp experience is all we do, we think we do it very well.


Davern would like to acknowledge that our summer camp is located on the past and present territories of the Algonquins of Bedford, Oso, and South Sherbrooke.

In acknowledging the territory, Davern is giving thanks to those who have lived in relationship to this land for millennia. This land acknowledgement is a reminder that the re-framing of the relationships between Indigenous peoples and settlers is one of the key issues of our times. Our job as outdoor educators and citizens is to figure out how to use our site, of which we are privileged to be stewards of, to contribute to the project of addressing historical and contemporary injustices and to constructing a better future.