A blast from our past!

Our Alumni represent our history in the stories they tell of the summer camp memories they’ve had. They remind us that often the simplest of experiences are the ones we take with us through our life journey. Since 1946, Camp Davern has been a summer home for kids and while times change, the memories, the experience and the impact of camp remain forever.

If you’re one of the many campers that hold Davern dear in your heart, it’s so important to us that you stay connected. Who we are should always be reflective of the path we walk and the stories we can tell and we want to hear your story! Help us reflect and celebrate our past with your memories, experiences and reflections and stay connected to the people, memories and spirit of Camp Davern. Let our tradition of excellence in summer camping continue into the future!


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What Can You Do?

Stay Connected!

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Get Involved

Contact the camp and find out what’s going on. We host camp openings and closings and a variety of weekend events throughout the year. To find out more, email

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At camp, the work load is endless. If you have a special talent and an interest in giving back let us know! We welcome our alumni to volunteer and are always looking for people skilled in trades or simply interested in some outdoor labour to help make camp beautiful.

Share your Stories, Pictures & Memorabilia

Now, more than ever, we need your stories. As we work to shine light on our roots, it is our alumni who must come forward to share their reflections, their photos and their memories.


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    Camp Davern is a terrific place to host a private retreat. From family picnics and weddings to professional development and yoga retreats, we’ve seen it all!

    Since 1946, Davern has been providing residential camp experiences, serving as a summer home to thousands of campers, staff and alumni. We are committed to the camping experience and are proud of our facility.

    The Camp Davern site is available for rentals in May, June, September and October each year. Our private and natural setting allows for unlimited possibilities for you and your event group.

    Our facility has welcomed a wide range of groups and we’d love to welcome yours. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions regarding the possibility of booking our remarkable site for your upcoming retreat.

    Contact by phone: 613-770-5100 or email us.

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