Camp Philosophy

At Camp Davern, we think every camper should strive for two things: make new friends, and try new things. Everything else will follow. At Davern, we lead by example, emphasize cooperation and fair play, and value positivity and gratitude.
Sending your child to summer camp is one of the most significant decisions you can make for them. At Camp Davern, we keep this at the forefront of all the planning we do, always aware of the tremendous responsibility you have placed in our hands. The Davern experience begins with ensuring all campers are given opportunities to grow both emotionally and physically. We want your child to experience the best that a summer camp can provide and we do this by being present for their moments of challenge and times of triumph, to celebrate and to support them as they grow. At our core, we are a community that believes in inclusion, integration and diversity. This belief guides our efforts in the accommodation of campers and informs our involvement with the organizational partnerships we engage in.


Through our Charisma Initiative we guide our campers
towards understanding our core values:

C – Challenge
H – Happy & Healthy
A – Acceptance
R – Respect
I – Independence
S – Supportive Community

M – Mentorship
A – Appreciation

At Camp Davern You…

Are an integral part of our community.

Will learn new skills, meet new friends, and have fun.

Will take risks, overcome challenges and discover you are capable of all you set your mind to.

Will be supported by a counsellor who cares for you and taught by instructors that are passionate about their skills.

Will build upon your friendships each year you return and in doing so, create lifelong memories that will shape the inspiring adult you are soon to be.

Our Mission Is To…

Respect the diversity of ourselves, and those around us. We honour people for who they are, and accept them with kindness and trust.

Through partnerships and fundraising, create opportunities for children of all socio-economic levels to attend camp, and to support those in need.

Nurture our campers to help build their self-esteem and to develop a better understanding of themselves as they grow into the adults of tomorrow.

Build a world full of excitement that is safe, supportive, memorable and magical. A place in which to grow, develop and excel.

Believe in the value of hard work and realize that the things most important to us come from persistence, passion and effort.

Inspire our community to always strive to be better. In doing this, we take pride in each of our successes along the way.

Be one of the best summer camps in Ontario.

Our Facility

Camp Davern is situated on 150 acres of rolling hills and forest near the town of Maberly, Ontario. With over 30 buildings on site, our facility can support up to 100 campers each session. Our overnight summer camp facility is also open in spring and fall for outdoor education opportunities.

day at camp

A Day at Camp Davern

The best summer camp experiences require options for campers from sunrise to long after sunset. In planning our daily schedule we work hard to ensure that campers are given enough time to explore individual interests while improving on specific skills taught at camp. The daily schedule varies based on age and instruction is divided to ensure skill and age appropriateness as well.

A day at Davern begins with the morning bell, optional Polar Dip in the lake, morning meeting and breakfast. After breakfast we have cabin clean up and two morning programs. Lunch is followed by rest hour and our electives (2) take place each afternoon.

There is a Free Swim period before dinner where campers can take a lake shower or just relax. Nightly evening programs take place after dinner. These are a highlight of each day and range from full camp to section programs.

Our night ends with an evening snack and an optional cabin fire. While each day may be a little different, routine at camp is important and we work to adhere to the typical day.

day at camp

Camp Davern Activities

Skill development, teamwork, participation and individual growth are the cornerstones of the program philosophy at Camp Davern. Each session, our campers are encouraged to explore the wide range of activities offered. Through a balance of scheduled program rotations and elective activity picks, our campers are able to excel in areas of interest, while exploring the wide range of options available. For each, our staff emphasize the importance of teamwork, skill development and fun.

You can explore our activity options by clicking on the “Activities” tab at the top of the page.

A Balance of Self Guided and Structured Programs

While at Davern, campers enjoy a balanced schedule that includes major activity picks and electives each day. Mornings are scheduled activities with their cabins. This rotation ensure all campers experience all the major summer camp activities, canoeing, ropes etc. Learning alongside cabinmates helps to develop friendship and trust in the cabin. Each afternoon campers participate in electives. Elective activities are picked each day on a first come first served basis. These activities change each day and offer campers daily variety as well as the opportunity to return to activities they are passionate about.

What you can expect from our activities

The skill focus at Camp Davern is exceptional. Parents should expect that their child will receive devoted attention in skill development partnered with a creative teaching model, facilitated by enthusiastic counsellors. From the first stroke of a paddle to the most complicated fire building strategies, all campers enjoy quality instruction, committed staff, and instructional challenges that are tailored to their skill level.

Camp Davern places a great deal of emphasis on the experiences we provide. We are a proud accredited member of the Ontario Camps Association and the Canadian Camping Association and maintain affiliations with many recreational associations across the province.