Behaviour Expectations Policy

Camp Davern has the following expectations of all (camper, staff, LIT’s, CIT’s, volunteers) persons when they are at camp:

  • It is okay to be angry, but it is not okay to hit or hurt anyone or anything.
  • We will ask you not to swear or pass remarks that could offend others.
  • We will not allow campers, leadership candidates or staff to use tobacco, cannabis, consume alcohol, or use not specifically prescribed or non-prescribed drugs during summer camp (this includes laxatives & dieting pills).
  • We will not tolerate bullying or picking on people.
  • We will not allow pranks that are destructive to camp or personal property.
  • Try not to borrow other’s belongings unless the item was offered for loan.
  • Camp Davern reserves the right to inspect baggage.
  • If you are male, you can only go into male cabins and are NOT PERMITTED in female cabins. If you are female, you can go into female cabins only and are NOT PERMITTED in the male cabins. Exceptions are made for appropriate work-related reasons only.
  • We expect you to be ready & on time for activities, meals & program transitions.
  • The Camp Davern staff will inform children who are interested in “dating” or “seeing” another camper that they can find out from their parents when they get home if it is okay to pursue this relationship. We will not allow campers to be involved in any type of intimate relationship while they are at camp and we encourage people to hang out in groups.
  • When invited onto someone’s bed, campers & staff must remain seated on the guest’s bed, above covers and must leave the space when asked by the bed’s “habitant” or by a staff member.
  • Welcoming new friends/guests is an expectation of all persons at Davern.