Terms & Conditions

I/We hereby agree to permit my child to participate in all camp activities and in any supervised trips and excursions that take them off the camp property.

In registering my child, I hereby agree:.

a) To allow my child to participate in the full range of Camp Davern activities. Further, I give the director and/or their appointed staff authority to act as my child’s guardian for the duration of their stay at camp. This includes, in the event of an accident, any admissions to the hospital and medical decisions deemed necessary for my child’s well being.

b) To pay for all costs of any prescription drugs and/or special medical care if needed. **This may include added costs for health screenings.

c) That the health information I have provided to date regarding my child is accurate. I further acknowledge that I am responsible for updating their health information prior to my child’s arrival at camp.

d) That Camp Davern reserves the right to terminate the registration of any camper when it is deemed in the sole discretion of the Camp Director, to be in the best interest of the child or camp. In the event of termination, the camp agrees to provide a proportionate refund unless the camper is dismissed due to violations of the camp’s policies, in which case no refund will be issued.

e) That each registration form must be accompanied by the appropriate non-refundable deposit as indicated below:
Single Week – $350.00
Two Weeks – $600.00
Four Weeks + -$800.00

f) That all discounts (early enrolment) will be removed from all accounts with a May 1st outstanding balance and the full fee will apply.

g) That there will be a cancellation fee for cancellations made any time after registration.

**Cancellations due to any major disruption or government shutdown are refunded less a $200 administration charge at any time prior to the camp session.

Elective cancellations for other reasons will be charged according to the chart that follows:

  • Cancellations prior to March 1st will be charged: $250.00
  • Cancellations prior to April 1st will be charged: $300.00
  • Cancellations prior to May 1st will be charged: $350.00

          ***Cancellations after May 1st are non refundable***

i) That special consideration for refunds submitted in writing will be reviewed and considered during the month of September following the camping season. Please note: special considerations most often result in a credit for the camper in question for a future year at camp.

j) That I have read the policies and procedures as outlined on the website as well as those identified within the Camp Davern Behaviour Expectations Policy.

k) To release and indemnify Camp Davern and their partners from any and all claims for losses of articles and damages arising as a result of any accident, injury, loss, or otherwise sustained by herein named child arising from participation in any camp activities.

l) Camp Davern reserves the right to search baggage.

m) I understand that in registering my child to participate at Camp Davern, I am giving permission to the Camp to use images of my child for camp related programs and promotions. This includes marketing materials as well as social media platforms.

n) By registering my child to participate at Camp Davern, I confirm I am the rightful guardian of the campers in question and I authorize the camp to charge my credit card, if one has been provided.

If we change or update our Terms and Conditions, we will post changes and updates on the Site so that you will always be aware of our latest policies. We encourage you to review these Terms and Conditions from time to time so you will know if the Terms and Conditions has been changed or updated. If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions, please contact our Executive Director at